Space Exploration

Space Exploration

Here are links for all the current and past Space Exploration destinations. Places that no longer exist, or no longer meet Bright Metallic guidelines, are removed from this page as they're found.

This list is updated on a monthly basis prior to the new issue release.


Bright Metallic is not responsible for anything in any linked locations.

2142nd, Westminster

Welcome to Westminster. The 2142nd Regiment have been deployed to protect.


Future sci-fi rp scifi RP space station starbase Firefly Star Trek Stargate Orion Federation Alliance Timelord Cyberpunk

Doomed Ship

SL's oldest cyberpunk sim, now home to Doomed Ship, SL's oldest and most immersive sci-fi horror environment. Come explore and role-play in the bloody halls of this immense spaceship!

Dystopia // Post Apocalyptic Utopia

Climate Fiction / Post Apocalyptic / Moderate The year is 2033, Global Warming has consumed the earth and most of humanity... Come play along as we look for new ways to recycle objects, filter water world and survive.

Eisa Colony

American megacorporation takes over aging Soviet space colony. What could possibly go wrong? Home of Nanite Systems.

Forbidden City

Totalitarian state within SL. Residential sim, no RP. Small rental apartments available.

Forlorn Brink

The Forlorn Brink RP Sim is a hybrid-themed freeform RP sim. Fantasy, Sci-fi, Adventure, Mystery, Discovery, Survival.

Hangars Liquides

Cyberpunk technopunk high tech hitech noir Cybercity space cyberspace scifi future roleplay science fiction rp dystopia blade runner dark techno technology dystopian robot android droid architecture technologic


The Innsmouth Blog

MCM Combat Operations

MCM is a Sci-Fi Mech/Mecha, armored combat game heavily inspired by many games like BattleTech / MechWarrior. These robot fighters can be upgraded with new weapons and guns as well as utilities to provide vital boosts. We have five sim size combat areas!

Mesa 5

Visit the planet Caliban. Home of Mesa, a Sci-Fi Cyberpunk city. Mesa 5 Info.

Neo Machina

Asian Cyberpunk City with Cheap Apartments, starting at 50L/week!

Pleasure Station 69

ADULT Is a Sexual Paradise where Terrians, Xeno's, A.I, come to explore sexual relationships with each other.


After 3500 years in Generation ships an ancient warrior race settle on this Planet. 3000 years have passed and now they return to the stars to continue their legend. This is a Combat/RP sim.

Saul's Hyperlounge

An exclusively designed cyberpunk//future themed chat location created by Saul Goodie.

Temporia Prime

Temporia Prime: Futuristic city built above land an exotic, alien planet. Rental homes available.

The Metroplex

Metroplex 17 Info. Cyberpunk Roleplay, crime, Metroplex, 17, grunge, sex, scifi, roleplay, role-play, sci-fi, dirty, ems, police, gang, cyberpunk, era, salvation, gun, metro, urban, cyber, futuristic, para, rentals, city, drugs, android, robot, gynoid



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"Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today - but the core of science fiction, its essence has become crucial to our salvation if we are to be saved at all."

Issac Asimov